February 2012. results

-45 pips

Negative result purely because of bad attitude. It seams that I know how to trade but don't know how to handle myself. Many days leaving profit and running it into a loss. If for example I stayed with my big winning day of +27 pips at 23. and didn't trade any more my month would be positive. All those R profits switched to losses. I'm waging war with myself.

Eleven trading days:
1. +17 
14. -11 (at first positive for more then 5 pips)
15. -5 (positive at first 5 or more, R at least)
16. -7 (first wave +10, be, +15, loss)
17. -3 (profit of 10 left to go into loss)
20. -24 (first trade in positive around R left it to stop)
21. -4
22. +5
23. -19 ( first nice big win of around 15, loss -11, win more then 20, then from +27 to -19 madness)
24. -5
27. +11

Usd/jpy sell off

There was strong sell off in usd/jpy that I didn't notice until it was pretty much over. I tried to catch another leg down after bounce in eur/jpy. There wasn't second usd/jpy powered move just tryouts. Nevertheless movements were sufficient to make some profitable trades. It was very stimulating timing eur/jpy trades by watching usd/jpy and eur/usd movements. First trade should have been closed earlier and last one trailed a bit. Second entry was emotional getting in immediately after stop.
+11 pips


Market didn't advance after popping 1.3400, so two small losses. When I felt after the urge to recover the loss I immediately closed the platform. That's good step in wanted direction.
- 5 pips

Making good day bad

First I was ashamed now I feel sad. From +27 I lost it all and then some. We can say that I hit invincibility tilt, but that doesn't change the fact that after so many years there is not a lot of improvement. Same mistakes all over again. 
-19 pips

Positive day

+5 pips

Small loss but good day

I feel good about my today's trading. Everything went well from the small losses on the possible reversal of the minor trend to some profitable scalps. I was focused and emotions didn't hit me at any time. No problem with small loss, even no problem if loss was bigger. It passed some time from when I booked any profitable trade, so it felt good to be right on something and get closure with taking that profit.
-4 pips

More of the same

Didn't take 1R at first trade, then angry trade and small loss. Later, tricky market and me trying to trade like I used to, but it's not working any more. I wasn't by the screen in the meantime.
-24 pips

Same again

I wasn't by the screen in those minutes before my entry. Again, no follow through. I'm now used to this. Didn't take 10 pips, used to that also.
-3 pips

Missing to do the right thing

Again I don't want to take small profit. Probably because I have such small amount in my account that anything monetary is meaningless. Ugly fact is that this is also undisciplined, I don't listen to myself and don't take 1R or 2R in this case. Maybe I just don't want to miss out on a high of a runner trade. So, I'm trading for an adrenaline high. 
-7 pips

Small loss

I'm thinking to try out 1R trading, this waiting for golden ticket get me frustrated even when I get in at good price.
-5 pips

One trade, one stop

My stop was the low of the move, later it rebounded and hit 215. Bigger or smaller stops always find a way to be taken.
-11 pips


 Mismanaged exit by getting out without some kind of trailing. 
+17 pips