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Petition to save Google Reader

If you use this product as much as I do I'm sure you will want to sign it. This petition right now has more then 100,000 signatures. It doesn't mean that it will make Google reverse it's decision of shutting down reader but if I ever wanted to express my opinion and vote it's now for this.

Neke from Elitetrader

Every Saturday last few years my weekly ritual is to check up how neke's week went by over at For few years neke is reporting his ups and downs (last year big down at start) in trading. It's not a smooth ride, lot's off problems with averaging, that's why I started to relate with him in the first place.
He opened a new thread for 2011. where he in opening post shared some of the facts that I didn't know. I took a screenshot of part that's really interesting. Apparently after being unsuccessful for five years slowly losing deposit after deposit in total of 54k until of Nov of 2004. At that point his account was at 5300$. Six years from then net stats are around 600k in withdrawals and 360k of current balance. All that from those 5.3k. Off course his prior trading and losses had educational value that resulted with that.
So this is pretty much inspiring for me to see how bad p&l can turn into the good one's after all.

I can also add that Oanda sent yearly update in which they state
As part of the new CFTC rules, retail forex brokers must publish every quarter the percentage of customer accounts that were profitable. At OANDA, 48% of customer accounts were profitable in the third quarter of 2010, and 44% in the fourth quarter. We had by far the highest proportion of profitable accounts of any U.S. retail forex dealer.

If there are indeed so many profitable accounts than it's a shame not being on that side.

How to Tell When a Market is Oversold

Here you can check MarketClub's video on longer term situation for eur/usd pair.

Markets can get oversold, but when is a market really oversold?

This is a short video that will help you to be aware of the oversold phenomenon. Provided with no registration and no charge.


Long expected documentary about Chicago floor traders from director James Allen Smith is available online. You can watch it online in eight episodes.