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Started the month optimistic and with few good days. Later bad days got out of hand. As usual when emotions kick in my daily stop limit was breached.

I'm seriously contemplating leaving behind scalping. On some days I'm able to turn profit, but very hard and rare. On bad days I can't contain bad behavior and lose so much more then I win on good days. The problem is that I'm little disinterested in other forms of trading, other time frames. So when I don't scalp I don't trade.

May 2.
+12 pips

May 3.
+7 pips

May 7.
+11 pips

May 8.
+10 pips
On my second trade I was slow at entry as I clicked it moved 3pips, so I got bad position. Third trade it would be better to take 3-4 pips and not wait. I was overall slow this morning in every sense.

May 9.
-26 pips
Anger level through the roof.

May 10.
+11 pips
Eur/jpy was main drive down, steady but firm, eur/usd couldn't resist down force. At least I saw it like that.

May 11.
+5 pips

May 14.
-3 pips

May 15.
+3 pips

May 16.
-48 pips
I can't stop

May 17.
-18 pips
I had profit of 8 pips and I should have stop trading at that. Let's say greed kicked in and then I traded poorly. 

Afternoon session
-13 pips
Impatient, just jumping in.

May 23.
-6 pips

Rest of the month

April 9.

-7 pips

April 10.
-20 pips
I stayed inside daily stop. Too much momentum seeking trades when there is no momentum. I'm used to trading like this and do it when it's not appropriate. But my first goal is to stop trading when my daily stop is hit, today I did that without resistance.
I believe that when I get to trust myself about daily stops that it will get me relaxed and open up to a whole new level of non anxious trading. Then results will follow. So first step is respecting daily stop. If I managed to get rid of widening my individual stops I can do this also.

April 12.

-16 pips
Sometimes I can say I don't have sightless idea of what I'm doing.

April 13.
+8 pips
Insane how much time for + or - 6 pips move.

April 16.
-19 pips
Losing machine.

April 18.
-6 pips

April 20.
- 12 pips

April 24.
+6 pips

April 25.
-29 pips

April 26.
+13 pips
Stupid to keep scalp stops in situation like this when I'm not scalping. Serious problem is mixing trading styles. 

April 27.
-25 pips
I'm getting angry because I don't take scalp profits. If I'm going against the trend for any reason and have some profit on hand I should simply take it. This is not scalping, nor daytrading.

Start of the April

2. April

+2 pips
It's unfortunate when I get tangled looking for reversal. Trend down in eur/jpy maybe wasn't strong but getting profit going against it isn't easy at all.Usually then I fantasize about enormous swing trade of fifty or hundred pips. Truth is that probability is not on my side at that time.

3. April

+10 pips
 In the evening after I came home found nice move and interesting support ready for break.

4. April
I can see some improvements in how I feel while I trade. I'm little bit more detached and less dependent on my emotions. I don't jump on every tick when I have trade, but I give it opportunity to do it's job if I think that conditions are favorable.
Problems with too tight range in eur/usd so moves just aren't worth the trouble. My trading of eur/jpy isn't that good. Too big spread for scalping and I react too much, not staying in the trade when I should.


March 2.

-1 pip

March 5.
-4 pips

March 6.
+33 pips
Too tight stop in eur/jpy took me out from monster move, I switched in eur/usd. I was stubborn didn't want to get out in first part where I was making and losing open profit.

March 7.

-20 pips
I made two mistakes in my first two trades and then when my idea proved right and I wasn't in I got so angry. After that I had angry trades trying to correct my initial mistakes, which is impossible, but that's how I'm wired. Slowly I'm depicting to myself my inner subconscious wiring that need to be amended but it's far from easy.
So in my trading I have mixed bag of trades and emotional response driven trades.

14. March
-33 pips

I was plain wrong but really wanted to trade. Market wasn't in the mood for moves, so it was all wishful thinking. Only one positive trade, but I got what I wanted, many trades. So no point in complaining.

22. March

-2 pips
Too early, not patient enough.

27. March
-31 pips

Usd/jpy sell off

There was strong sell off in usd/jpy that I didn't notice until it was pretty much over. I tried to catch another leg down after bounce in eur/jpy. There wasn't second usd/jpy powered move just tryouts. Nevertheless movements were sufficient to make some profitable trades. It was very stimulating timing eur/jpy trades by watching usd/jpy and eur/usd movements. First trade should have been closed earlier and last one trailed a bit. Second entry was emotional getting in immediately after stop.
+11 pips

Positive day

+5 pips


 Mismanaged exit by getting out without some kind of trailing. 
+17 pips

New direction

I just sat there and watched market. All sub minute charts were gone. My general intention is not to trade but just observe. Trades that were taken later were the ones that I simply had to take because market showed it's hand. So that's it, do nothing except where it's so obvious that you don't even think should I take that trade or not.
Eur/jpy move got stopped and my trade got stopped. Immediately after eur/usd started strong up movement. Both of those trades could move strong and significant distance. You don't know in advance what will play out. Job is just to follow some reasonable trade management plan.
So from now on I hope for more watching less trading.
+10 pips

+2 pips

Sometimes I act very stupid. After being mostly in loss I got lucky break with spike up and was in the lead some 30 pips. Then ten pips more. After it was pretty bad trading in the range and later angry mode. So I lost it all. Can't say much in my defense, I should know better. I had for some time limit to risk those last ten pips, but after I spent them I continued past my limit.

Moment of pride

I'm pleased and proud of quick and accurate reactions to sudden volatile move at the end of chart. Up until then I was most of the time in positive territory but unable to move far. Then fifty pips move came in span of three minutes. I captured thirty five with right kind of scalping. I took what was offered and didn't give back. Entering again and again as market moved and presented opportunity.

+43 pips


+12 pips

More of positive development.