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May 2012. results

-55 pips

April 2012. results

-118 pips
-40 %

My trading with nano account  continues in similar fashion. It's now near to paper trading. So monetary it doesn't mean anything so results are easily that bad. Basically I'm just trying out ideas and looking  for style that will suit me.

I started trying out things on longer time frames on even smaller subaccount. This is like first time in my trading history that I made four separate longer term trades. It's nothing spectacular, I basically don't know how to behave on longer time frames but it's somehow interesting for me. On four trades I'm at -2R. More about them in next post. It could have been better, but I managed trades not so good.

March 2012. results

- 58 pips
- 28 %

February 2012. results

-45 pips

Negative result purely because of bad attitude. It seams that I know how to trade but don't know how to handle myself. Many days leaving profit and running it into a loss. If for example I stayed with my big winning day of +27 pips at 23. and didn't trade any more my month would be positive. All those R profits switched to losses. I'm waging war with myself.

Eleven trading days:
1. +17 
14. -11 (at first positive for more then 5 pips)
15. -5 (positive at first 5 or more, R at least)
16. -7 (first wave +10, be, +15, loss)
17. -3 (profit of 10 left to go into loss)
20. -24 (first trade in positive around R left it to stop)
21. -4
22. +5
23. -19 ( first nice big win of around 15, loss -11, win more then 20, then from +27 to -19 madness)
24. -5
27. +11

January 2012. results

- 39 pips

-16 %

December 2011. results and year end


-158 pips
-44 %


- 88 %

November 2011. results

-31 %

-108 pips

Nowadays I use my account as some kind of demo platform. I prefer trading with small account to trading imaginary dollars. Emotions are real even if amounts are really small.

My intention is to stabilize my trading. Trading inside my risk boundaries, picking only market that is suitable for me. I still breach discipline, look for home runs and forget not to trade on days that are not fast and directional. Still I'm making some progress, like I accepted daily loss limit (daily stop) and on most days I stick with it. When I breach it, I know I don't want to do that and it's harder and harder to be undisciplined.

September 2011. results

+40 pips


(size varied a lot so only small percentage up relative to pip gain)

Break even month in which on second day my account was at -50 % intraday and followed +100 % move in next four trading days.

August 2011. results

+165 pips

+64 %

From longer term trades to trading drunk in the middle of the night, then some good scalping to bad trading and gambling. Interesting August.

July 2011. results

-94 pips

June 2011. results

-4 pips
-4 %

I guess I killed eventually all wiggle room for my stops. I even disabled viewing of active trades and orders on my charts so I can't see red stop line and drag it further on a chart.

May 2011. results

-137 pips

From being up 28% for a month to down -33%.
I really have small amount of money in account now and I'm trading full leverage so big percentage swings doesn't mean much in a sense that's affecting me financially. There are changes that will follow in my trading and I welcome them.

April 2011. results

P&L no change

I'm at exact dollar amount where I started the month. At least I can say that there were opportunities for me to trade that I was happy with. My trading, ups and downs, not so bad but not so good either.

Between blogs that I follow there are two that are inspirational for me lately so I want to share them:

The forexbird - forex scalping at it's best. I would really like to watch video of his scalping because charts are to static to show nuances of his work. Extremely tight on stops and fast in his reactions.

Bankrobber - momentum trading of stocks. Very simple trading by going in where momentum is in that moment but maybe the most profitable trader/blogger that I found. Plus great mental mind set which is explained in many posts. That kind of trading is closest to mine preferred trading. I'm a little bit jealous that I'm not capitalized enough to trade stocks that way because there are many more daily opportunities of that kind in stocks then there is in forex or future markets.

Update and March 2011. results

-132 pips

My trading is bad, really bad, market is difficult and I never remember so much bad results without positive days. Big percentage drop is because there is low amount of money in account and I don't want to trade with too small positions because it then wouldn't be realistic for me. After bad day at 14th I didn't want to blog about it. It's sometimes too difficult because there is nothing that I can say in my defense or to explain. There is feeling about being accountable in front of blogosphere and sometimes it's simply embarrassing to be open and show it all.

Yesterday my first idea was valid, I was long into a breakout. It turned fake one and stop was ok price to pay for that opportunity. Trades after that one were me being stubborn and pressing that long side without much of an reason.
Later I caught nice trade in eur/usd, I just noticed the potential, executed and stop held and trade was nice winner. After I wanted to reverse but was afraid to do so. When it became obvious that I missed I wanted to go short again (usual thing when I miss, go in other direction to not miss again). Even that would be ok if I just used first opportunity where I got stopped with 2 pips. No, I started tilting and lost all that I previously won on that nice short trade.
-17 full size pips

Market was at least moving which is rare lately. I had trades on every turning point in right direction. Didn't capitalize on that. It's difference with trading not to lose (which is obviously where I am) and trading to win. +1 full size pip

Here on seventeenth I had experiment I wanted to see can I follow rules to the letter if I want to. Rules were sequence of ten trades, +6 pips or -6 pips, no managing trade after entry, pause of at least three minutes between trades. I didn't broke any rules. It was really different then usual trading. Got a bit stubborn in the middle. Seven negative and three positive trades gives net of four negative trades for -26 half size pips or -13 full size.

This gambling was so bad that I couldn't publish it when it happened, it was too embarrassing. I stayed up most of the night starring at the chart. First part was bad but it was profitable and I continued. I could have easily lost all that I had in account. Market came back some fifty pips back from worst point. I just couldn't close it. Pure gambling and emotions in worst possible sense. One of top 5 low points in my trading experience.
-45 full size pips

February 2011. results

+5 pips
+2.5 %

I like black.

January 2011. results

-69 pips

-27 %

Depleted account so big percentage swings. I didn't have positive month since May last year if we don't count in December's +6 pips. It's interesting to me how I still have will to do it despite my results.

December 2010. and year end results

I had busy December at my work so I couldn't trade at all. I didn't even open my charts.

For December
+6 pips


This year I made many subtractions from account as I promised myself last year. Total loss when everything is taken in account is -17%. In term of pips it's about -100 pips of a size that I use lately. So it's not that much but nevertheless it's a loss. I'm yet waiting for profitable year. It's a sad notion for now seven year trading career, although first three years before this blog were mainly trying out things with really nothing on the line in terms of risk.
Like Harvey says looking for consistency is now the main thing. So from that is coming the willpower to continue something like this that looks like losing proposition. Even though losing days hurt much more then we feel good on winning days, winning days give us hope that one day our p&l will be as good as of The forexbird.

This year I had experience of doubling my account from the low point around Spring. So now I know that it can be done with regular effort and not something special. At second half of the year which wasn't so good I pressed myself to trade with bigger positions to break out from range of comfort zone I had before. Also by trading full margin most of the time I wasn't able to average down which was my mountain high weakness before. With that I wish to continue in the future because if I give myself opportunity to average down, soon I will.

To all my readers I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with peace in the mind and love in the hearth.

November 2010. results

-30 pips

-10 %

October 2010. results

-64 pips

-17 %

It will be better..

September 2010. results

-45 pips