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New trading day, over the weekend I managed to leave Friday behind. I'm pleased with my trades today. Entries were good by my standards. Market moved little bit nervously whole morning, not really knowing where it wants to go.
+16 pips

Scalping audusd and eurusd + videos

I'm not that satisfied with my trading today, even though result in the end is great. My second entry on aud/usd was in worst moment jeopardizing nice gain on first trade. I was simply saved by strong trend. Somehow I enter add on trades poorly.
Eur/usd was better but choppy to trade. First set of trades I didn't allow moves against me and that is good. On last trade overall situation favored break to the new lows so I waited it out.

Capturing videos is fun for me, it maybe even have positive influence on my trading.

+35 pips

Two trades

Not much, market wasn't in real mood to move up.
+4 pips

And video:

Forex scalping 10. May + live video capture

Successful session due to nice volatility. There is another real time video capture posted for detail view of trades.
+20 pips

Video of my today's trading captured in real time

I was looking at my trades from Friday over the weekend, even though it was all vivid in my memory chart didn't revel much. It's static and doesn't paint the whole picture of why I do something in that moment. I always wanted to look over the shoulder of other traders and I would like to see their trades in real time. So I got idea to record my session for me to review it later if I want and to share it with others. Session today was over two hours long and this thirteen minute video is cut out just from moments around trades. So if you are interested enjoy.