+18 pips
- all half size trades
- initial news spike in gbp/usd wasn't convincing so I exit it quickly

-I'm not really proud of my averaging in eurjpy, risking much for no good reason. If I don't know where to put stop or don't want to accept that it's time for stop it's better not to trade that trade
- I'm far better in those nice scalping situation when stop or gain is quick and definite

Petition to save Google Reader

If you use this product as much as I do I'm sure you will want to sign it. This petition right now has more then 100,000 signatures. It doesn't mean that it will make Google reverse it's decision of shutting down reader but if I ever wanted to express my opinion and vote it's now for this.

+5 pips
- various sizes
- news trade with limit orders didn't work (no spike) so I canceled them

+3 pips