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kanaltekno.com – Lowongan Kerja Posisi Employee Relations Officer di PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk


Chandra Asri is the Indonesia’s premier petrochemical producer with an integrated plant incorporating world class, state of-the-art technology and supporting facilities. We operate the country’s only Naphtha Cracker producing high quality Olefins and Polyolefins, and is the sole domestic producer of Styrene Monomer and Butadiene.

As one of the largest petrochemical companies in the region, Chandra Asri ensures our customers’ satisfaction, which has been leading the growth of our market share within the last decade. This growth is a result of good corporate governance and prudent financial management. Businesswise, we are committed to establishing and integrating global partnerships while never compromising on service. Investing in our workforce as well as engaging in equitable corporate responsibility programs is at the heart of everything we do and is integral to our business.

We are looking for potential and high caliber talent for the above position who is keen to grow with us.

Job Purpose:

Assist Employee Services & ER Superintendent in carrying out jobs related to employee relations such as organize company events, handles labor disputes and disciplinary offenses at Site Office.

Job Accountabilities:

  • Support industrial dispute case management between employee and employer, such as attending meetings in the framework of dispute settlement in the bipartite level, mediation and trial hearing at the Industrial Relations Court (PHI) and other process. 
  • Conduct investigation to the violations that occur in company’s area, both violations to the CLA, Company Regulations as well as violations of the Life Saving Rule.
  • Provide and deliver warning letter to the employees including maintain the documentation regarding cases of violations and sanctions that are given to employees who did violation.
  • Maintain communication or relationship with CAP registered and recognized labor unions;
  • Assisting the CLA negotiating team in preparing the venue, material to be discussed and its minutes of meeting;
  • Respond to complaints from employees and provide suggestions for resolving solutions;
  • Prepare documents or data requested by Legal, CSM and other functions related to the Worker Union, Obligatory Labor Report, audit, and other purposes. 
  • Support socialization to the new employee regarding CLA and Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain all documentation related to Industrial and employee relations (i.e. Bipartite documents, mutual agreement to be reported to PHI, etc.)
  • Organize company events (i.e. Company’s anniversary, religious celebrations, etc) as well as socialization of CLA and other company programs including prepare the place and its supporting facilities.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience in similar position, especially in handling cases of industrial relations, for 2 – 3 years.
  • Preferably having work experience in manufacturing companies with more than 1000 employees
  • Bachelor Degree in Law, Psychology from reputable universities
  • Demonstrate the ability to build good relationship with labor union, government officials (Disnaker, etc).
  • Excellent communication skill and able to speak and write in good command of English
  • Good knowledge of Indonesia labor laws / regulations and being updated with the latest trends / judicial reviews/regulations in industrial relations.


Chandra Asri is only releasing official job posting at Chandra Asri Career Site, Linkedin & Jobstreet. The Company will contact shortlisted candidate via official corporate email & phone, and will not send any hardcopy invitation for interview.

Please note that the Company doesn’t ask candidates to transfer some amount of money nor cooperate with any travel agent.


Informasi Tambahan Lowongan Kerja

Tingkat Pekerjaan : Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor)
Kualifikasi : Sarjana (S1)
Pengalaman Kerja : 2 tahun
Jenis Pekerjaan : Penuh Waktu
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Sumber Daya Manusia/Personalia, Sumber Daya Manusia / HR / 502, 137


kanaltekno.com – Dalam menghadapi era perkembangan industri yang semakin pesat, kami mengundang para profesional berbakat untuk bergabung dalam tim kami. Lowongan pekerjaan ini merupakan peluang emas bagi mereka yang memiliki dedikasi tinggi dan semangat untuk berkontribusi dalam menciptakan solusi inovatif. Bergabunglah dengan kami untuk meraih kesuksesan bersama dalam lingkungan kerja yang dinamis dan penuh tantangan. Mari jadikan langkah awal menuju karier gemilang Anda bersama kami.


Informasi perusahaan Pemberi Kerja, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk

PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk


  • PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses rekrutmen.
  • PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk tidak pernah bekerja sama dengan travel agent / biro perjalanan tertentu dalam proses rekrutmen.
  • Apabila Anda diminta untuk membayar sejumlah uang dalam bentuk pembayaran tiket pesawat dan hotel atau akomodasi lainnya agar diabaikan.Jangan memberikan data pribadi atau data keuangan Anda kepada siapapun.
  • Jika membutuhkan klarifikasi lebih lanjut dapat langsung menghubungi PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk


PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (CAP) is the largest petrochemical company and vertically integrated in Indonesia. CAP is the largest petrochemical producer and integrated in Indonesia and the only one in Indonesia, which operates the Naphtha Cracker. CAP produces Olefins (Ethylene, Propylene and derivatives products such as Py – Gas and Mixed C4) and Polyolefins (Polyethylene, Ethylene derivative products, and polypropylene, propylene derivative products), and Styrene Monomer and its derivative products such as Ethyl Benzene, Toluene and Benzene Toluene mixtures. CAP is the only domestic producer of Ethylene and Styrene Monomer and one of the two domestic manufacturers that produce propylene and polyethylene in Indonesia and the Company’s products is the basic ingredient of production of various consumer and industrial products.

In addition to PT Styrindo Mono Indonesia, CAP also has another subsidiary, PT Petrochemicals Butadiene Indonesia (PBI) which is the first Butadiene plant in Indonesia. PBI produces Butadiene which is the Synthetic Butadiene Rubbers raw material that used for tires and materials for the manufacture of gloves and rubber footwear .

CAP also collaborated with world – class tire company to work on the factory synthetic rubber which is managed by a subsidiary that is PT Indonesia Synthetic Rubber (SRI) .

Informasi Tambahan Perusahaan PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk

Ukuran Perusahaan : 2001 – 5000 pekerja
Waktu Proses Lamaran : 29 hari
Industri : Polymer/Plastik/Karet/Ban
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain : Asuransi Gigi, Asuransi kesehatan, Olahraga (contoh: pusat kebugaran), Waktu regular, Senin – Jumat, Bisnis (contoh: Kemeja)
Lokasi : Cilegon

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