October 2010. results

-64 pips

-17 %

It will be better..

- 19 pips

Gambling mode today. Urge to risk and gamble was really, really strong. The longer I was trading stronger it was. I wasn't waiting for the market to show me a trade but I was compulsively jumping in and things didn't work my way.

+ 11 pips

First one was reaction to sudden momentum out of nowhere. After I didn't adjust from being short to the long direction.

+ 15 pips

+14 pips

Mixed some good some not so but at least positive. I was waiting majority of the day and I started trading when volatility showed up. That is good. I had too many trades that wasn't so good. On some trades I had good reactions on some not so.

- 48 pips

I suck at trading. Trading isn't only you win some you lose some of the trades. Trading is being able to self control. So what if I know sometimes how to scalp? Majority of the time I'm not able to cope with the losses and I just make them bigger and bigger.

-24 pips

I'm going to stop now to prevent bigger damage. I recklessly entered long in seconds after I log on to platform. Mentally I wasn't prepared to lose so I lost too much, 20 pips. On second trade I didn't want to take scalp profit because of bigger loss before. On third I cut my loss to -14 but then on next again I didn't close loss when needed. At least I got profit later to make me feel better so I could finish the day.
What a difference make being mentally prepared or not. It's so easy after big mistake to make everything else also wrong.

+ 19 pips

Sometimes I'm too much of an chart junkie, reacting to every whim of price. That can be seen on my trades after 10:40. I don't put in consideration that it's strong support and that market is indecisive about where to go. So movements on 10sec chart doesn't have follow through. It's better to approach that kind of action and chart position with mini position trades. I mean enter and wait for 10 pips of a t/p or s/l. Going in&out just churn my account.

- 14 pips

Breakout really didn't want to materialize.
I notice that I close many trades that are marginally profitable around b/e or +1 in a moment when they turn against me. They continue in my direction afterward. So I pretend to stop loss from developing but I'm effectively cutting good trades. On another hand when trade goes in a loss of -3,-4,-5 pips I tend to hold it, then I'm not so eager to prevent loss (bigger loss). Just the opposite of what I should do.
A lot of skill would be needed that I don't currently hold to make today profitable day without breakout through 1.4000. Those little things add up as edge against me when I have 14 trades. I'm not dissatisfied because I'm learning and this is better trading then some other stuff that can be seen on this blog.

+ 10 pips

-1 pip

Every day I say to myself don't do stupid stuff today. Every day I do it. Stupid stuff is staying in the trade that reversed, not exiting with small loss but riding it to who know where, waiting for breakdown when price returned, not scalping but trading when I'm supposed to scalp, entering revenge trade like it will make things good if it's profitable. I'm tired of that. Losses are not the problem but constant battle with myself.

- 45 pips

Desperate trade after desperate trade. I abandoned scalping mode mind-frame on my second trade in eur/usd. From that bigger then needed loss I played catch up game so bad. I feel so bad when something like my scalping plan that I had high hopes for get dismantled so brutally.
-72 pips

Update: One more desperate trade that happen to be profitable +20 pips
Update 2: I had half size trade after NFP, I couldn't help myself and so I traded again +7 pips

+ 18 pips

Sometimes I have very good feel when to enter. I was surfing and charts were in the background, I noticed slight move on eur/jpy like it will brake down. Five seconds after my eur/usd short strong spike followed.